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About Jenny Abouobaia:

Freelance SEO Consultant

MENA Search Awards’ SEO Consultant of The Year 2021

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Jenny is an award-winning search engine optimization specialist and currently holds the title of “SEO Consultant of The Year” for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. 

Jenny’s speciality in search is working with niche affiliate websites, B2B brands, digital PR and overall SEO strategy. She offers consultation and assistance on all areas of SEO across all industries. 

As Jenny started her career in SEO as an SEO content writer, she still also contributes to multiple high authority SEO and digital marketing publications.

Jenny offers freelance consultancy to clients across the globe and is always willing to have a friendly chat and geek-out about search.

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About Jenny

Jenny is the SEO Consultant of The Year 2021 for the Middle East and North Africa. From the UK, Jenny now spends her days in the year-round sun of the Red Sea, laptop in hand and toes in the sand! She helps people to reach financial and physical freedom with affiliate marketing and SEO.

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Jenny is someone in our industry who stands out from the crowd. Someone who also works on the affiliate marketing side which is similar to me, and its great hearing her approach to this type of marketing.

Jenny & I have done multiple podcasts and webinars together and she shares a wealth of knowledge that helps not only me but the community in general.

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SEO Consultant Of The Year 2021

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