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Jenny Abouobaia

I'm Jenny Abouobaia

I am an experienced and highly accomplished SEO consultant, speaker, and mentor. As a Search Engine Optimization specialist, my goal is to help online businesses meet their full potential through the use of proper SEO.

Originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK and a “forever Geordie” at heart, but, the appeal of year-round sunshine of the Red Sea coast is where I have called home for the past six years.

Pre-SEO Career

Anyone who tells you they’re a born SEO is either outright lying or an exceptionally clever teenager. SEO as an industry took off less than a couple of decades ago.

I prefer honesty. I started off in customer service—retail, to be exact.

I started working at 15, so I’ve worn a number of hats over the years. My positions in customer service taught me to appreciate the benefits of going above and beyond for each client. 

I developed a drive to get exceptional results, whether that was helping to resolve an issue or select the perfect gift for the right occasion. It also taught me how to run a business, something that would be crucial later on.

I set up my own award-winning dance school at the tender age of 19 after spending four years working in retail around vocational training in order to qualify and make my life-long dream of opening my own studio a reality. I had great success winning national championships and awards for my choreography and worked with underprivileged children offering them free training as part of a government-funded scheme. When the funding stopped, I decided it was time to hang up my teaching shoes and strap on a headdress to have my turn in the spotlight.

So, I then spent the majority of my adult life as a professional international dancer, singer, and choreographer—and eventually set up my own business as an online personal trainer.

Now, I’ll still belt out a Disney classic from time to time, but the only audience I have these days are my two little ones. 

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Clever Touch Marketing

After traveling everywhere from India to join in a few Bollywood movies to the USA and running away with a Mexican circus, I ended up in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Egypt. After meeting my husband, I stepped off the stage and hung up my dancing shoes for good. 

Alongside my personal training business, I began working as a freelance writer online. I always had a passion for writing, but my fitness qualifications made it a perfect match for affiliate niche sites. 

I eventually began working with the guys over at Authority Hacker on a number of their websites. 

I don’t need to tell you that the experience I gained working with Gael and Mark was near-priceless. You’ve probably heard of (or taken) their brilliant authority site TASS course.

I quickly found I was getting more requests for work than I could feasibly keep up with.

My client list continued to grow, as did the number of writers and editors I hired on to train. I founded Clever Touch Marketing, a content marketing agency based on client satisfaction and premium quality SEO conversion content.

The Affiliate Marketing Experts

Clever Touch has had fantastic success and all of our services have been incredibly well-received. We built up a group of loyal clients who have been with us for years and we continue to grow.

However, I realized through working one-on-one with clients that most issues they faced came from the simple fact that when their site was built, they had done things wrong from the get-go which meant the foundations were weak. This is why I decided to create a subsidiary company that would compliment the single services of Clever Touch by focussing on fully integrated affiliate sites.

The Affiliate Marketing Experts offers full start to finish services. Both done-for-you affiliate websites and ready-made sites meaning you can pick up a site and start earning immediately. Although still new, there are exciting plans to make it the ultimate affiliate hub filled with resources and courses meaning our clients can get things right the first time and supercharge their journey to success. 


In late 2020 I was approached by Don’t Panic Projects to be part of the esteemed judging panel for the APAC Search Awards. It was a fantastic experience and immediately afterward I realized it was definitely something I wanted to become more involved in. Luckily, the team at Don’t Panic felt the same. 

This year I am already booked with them until late spring to be part of the panel for the Company Culture Awards, Canadian Search Awards, and UK Content Awards.

Why Choose SEO with Jenny?

Here’s my takeaway after years of working with affiliate sites across a wide variety of niches:

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Think of it as a fitness plan. As a personal trainer, I often encountered my clients lamenting that they had tried out one fad diet or workout program to no avail.

A customized approach that takes into account your needs will always garner better results. 

Think about it:

If your site has a DR of 8 and is short on organic traffic, it isn’t the wisest decision to start with a skyscraper campaign. That would be like trying to lift like Dwayne Johnson on your first day at the gym—you need a foundation to build on first.

At the same time, focusing exclusively on the technical aspects of SEO won’t help if your website is devoid of content and it isn’t user-friendly. To use a fitness metaphor again, don’t aim to bodybuild but skip leg day

Each component of SEO compliments the others, and you need to go holistic and include everything for success.

I want to come up with the best plan for your site—not copy one that worked for another website in a different niche with separate goals from yours. 

A True Professional

Jenny Abouobaia is a registered member of The Chartered Institute of Marketing, an official Judge for the APAC Search Awards, and a #IAMREMARKABLE Facilitator.
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