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Below you will be able to book a consultancy call with me using the booking form. My availability and fees are listed on the form itself. Normally, we will start with a one hour call to allow you to ask me any questions and chat about your current strategies, what’s working, what’s not and what your goals are. From there we can book a follow up call to go through a step-by-step plan of action if needed. 

Why Choose Me As An SEO Consultant?

If you’ve checked out my about page, you will know that I’ve worn a few hats throughout my SEO journey.  Not only have I been working with six-figure affiliate niche sites for years, taking them from zero to super authority, but I also built multiple SEO businesses with my single-service agency, Clever Touch Marketing, and my full-service affiliate hub, The Affiliate Marketing Experts

As an SEO speaker, my role is to give actionable advice and tips around these experiences, so delivering advice that can help someone take their business to the next level is something I’m passionate about. Whether you’re an affiliate site owner looking to blow your competition out of the water or a newbie SEO who wants tips on building their own freelancing business or agency, I’m happy to help.

Do You Really Need An SEO Consultant?

One of the best learning tools available to any SEO is a downright failure. Getting things wrong and making mistakes helps us to learn, grow and develop our skills. The problem is, if you make mistakes with your business, those can cost you a significant amount of money that frankly, can be a devastating loss. 

As someone who has been a business owner since she was a teenager, it is fair to say I’ve made my fair share of mistakes when it comes to running a business. Those errors in my early years are what helped mold my success in later life. I’ve also made many mistakes as an SEO. But luckily for me, these were intentional. In earlier years I deliberately built “tester sites” that I used purposely to try out all different theories, tricks, shortcuts, you name it. This is what enabled me to perfect my methods for building affiliate websites. 

So why am I telling you this? Well, by hiring an SEO consultant you can save yourself the work, headaches, stress, and possible financial losses associated with making mistakes in business and instead learn from someone else who’s already been there. 

Why Is My Consultancy Come With A Price Tag?

There are two reasons why I charge a set fee for my consultancy.

Firstly, back in my early days at my agency, I made the grave error of allowing people to take advantage of my expertise.


Well, like most new freelancers or SEO agency owners the early days are a hustle to land a client. That “big fish” who you will get to work with long-term, build a lasting relationship, and make you both a lot of money – of course, that’s the dream, right? But here’s the thing, by chasing that idea I spent hundreds of hours on the phone talking to potential clients. Dropping knowledge bombs left, right, and center in a bid to prove my worth as an SEO.

Naively, I gave away step by step plans when asked questions like “so if I worked with you, what would you do to make my site a success” thinking that blowing their mind with my skills was going to secure a contract. When really, all they did was take notes in order to use my strategies to do it themselves and frankly, waste my time.

So now, if you would like me to give you a step-by-step guide to success that is going to make you thousands of dollars, you’re going to need to be prepared to pay for it. Because unlike the multitude of SEO courses out there costing $1000 a pop, my consultancy is tailored specifically to your needs and circumstances. 

I don’t need to give my advice away for free in order to prove my abilities. If you want proof of my expertise, do a Google search. 

Secondly, consulting is one of many things I do. Not only am I running two businesses, but I’m also working as a judge and speaker so every hour I spend on consulting takes me away from work I would normally be doing elsewhere, which is why I need to be compensated for that time. 

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