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Whether you’re looking to hire me on as an SEO consultant or profit from my agency’s HARO outreach service to snag epic links, I’ve got you covered.

Find out the services SEO with Jenny can deliver and what you can anticipate working with me.

Rise to the top

Increase Conversions

When you started your affiliate site, I imagine your primary goal was to bring in big bucks. With a comprehensive SEO strategy, we can kick your conversion rate into high-gear. 

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The ROI Expert

I’ve helped countless clients turn their starter sites around. I will never recommend a service that I don’t believe adds value and won’t boost your ROI—if a certain service isn’t beneficial for your site, I won’t hesitate to advise against it and explain why.

Tailored to you

Designed to fit your needs

I’ll come up with a plan that respects both your budget and your needs. Whether your goal is to turn your site into a full-time earner or attract a different demographic, I’ll create a tailored strategy.

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The things i can do

I can handle all aspects of SEO, from the little stuff to the big issues that could be dragging your DR down. Here’s how I can help out:

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On-Site SEO

Let’s optimize your website to get you noticed by the SERPs. I tackle all the numerous elements that make up on-site SEO, from metas to alt image tags and more.

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SEO Audit

Begin with a full site audit to see where your site health stands. You’ll receive a copy of the results and I’ll explain in detail what each error entails.

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Content Audit

Content and SEO go hand-in-hand. I’ll apply my years of experience producing and managing content for affiliate sites to perform an in-depth content audit.

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Backlink Audit

Where are your backlinks from, and are they helping or hurting your site? My comprehensive backlink audit will reveal the situation. If you have toxic backlinks, consider them disavowed!

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Digital Consulting

Do you want to pick my brain about SEO, running an affiliate site, or a specific school of thought? Let’s talk—I’ll be delighted to consult with you.

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Let’s tear down the barriers standing in the way of increased conversions. My CRO plans are developed around the core principles of consumer psychology to build a loyal customer base.

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Website Design

Pleasing aesthetics and user-friendly site navigation can make all the difference in decreasing bounce rates and encouraging return visitors. I’ve designed countless websites for affiliate sites across all niches.

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Keyword Research

If you’re a new site, I’ll pick out low-difficulty keywords to start you off and get your site ranking. Otherwise, I’ll perform a content audit to find any gaps and cover them with optimal keywords for your website’s niche and authority level.

I Have Great Answers

Ask Me Anything

So far, full site management has been my most-requested service. Many of my clients simply don’t have the time to invest into their websites. As your site can start to backslide quickly when it isn’t maintained correctly, full site management by my experienced SEO team and I can take the burden off. 

Ideally, yes—the more comprehensive your Social Fortress is, the more reach and visibility your site or business will have.

Absolutely. I cannot emphasize enough how vital content is where it concerns a stellar SEO score.

SEO isn’t an instant-fix solution, although you may see immediate results after simple errors are addressed. You can expect to see the fruit of your investment within several months. 

A good book will never go out of style, but where it concerns businesses the action is all online. You’ll reach more potential clients with a witty blog article than hard-copy pamphlets.

Stay open-minded and consider all schools of thought. Remember that not every SEO strategy suits every site.

Yes, I strive to provide a concierge-style service to my clients whether they’re working directly with me or my experienced team over at Clever Touch Marketing.

I have yet to let a client down. I don’t come up with plans that aren’t feasible to implement and I never promise more than I can deliver. When you work with SEO with Jenny, you can count on success.

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